Search Engine Optimization

We help your business take advantage of our propensity to “Google” it (whatever “it” is). How does your business stand up to your organic competition when it comes to usability, speed, and content?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used as a marketing buzzword across the world. Businesses are built solely on the idea that they can increase your reach and visibility by increasing your “ranking” on popular search engines like Google or Bing. At one point, search engines were relying on keywords to figure out what type of content was on your site. However, with keyword padding (adding fake keywords to draw traffic to your site) taking over search engine result pages, Google and the other search giants decided to fight back and make some drastic changes. Since the 90s, search engine results and their ranking algorithms have been changed so rigorously and regularly that Search Engine Optimization barely resembles the same service it once did.

We’re not here to make false claims and promises. We’re just here to give you a no non-sense service that will help Google recognize your website as a source for real and relevant information regarding your field. There are a number of operations that we perform on a regular basis to ensure your site loads fast, has relevant and new content, and is as accessible by all modern internet connected devices. All of these things add up in Google’s algorithm to a wonderfully delivered site that deserves great page ranking in their search results. Not only will you see increases in organic search results, but the optimizations that we apply will decrease your cost of other services like search engine advertising and digital marketing. Optimizing your website truly is a win-win-win situation. 

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